VersoView is pleased to announce a signed MoU with Prism Consult, leading UK publishing consultancy.

The Prism team boasts more than one hundred years combined experience in the publishing world, and includes former senior executives of some of the UK’s largest publishing, distribution and information companies.

Robert Palmer, Prism Consult Managing Director, on VersoView:

“I have known Julian and Steve for more than two decades, and whenever they launch a new brand or product, we pay attention. VersoView is no exception and has the potential to disrupt our industry and carry it forward in ways we couldn’t even imagine five…

Dear VersoView community,

A lot has happened since our last update. Big, bold and building momentum.

Alpha Launch

Three months ahead of schedule, VersoView’s Alpha app launched with Garuda Indonesia’s eColours magazine. The White Label alpha offers the first look at our OpenView interface along with teasers for the engagement and rewards that are in development. Available on the web, Google Play and Apple Store, the luxury Asian airline — one of only 11 in the world to attain the five-star status — sends out eColours to more than 3 million passengers a month.

Following his sleuth work, we then…

NetVRk and VersoView are pleased to unveil the first use case collaboration of their partnership, developing Education in a Virtual Environment (EVE). Project EVE combines the unparalleled user immersion, design and learning tools of social virtual reality platform, NetVRk, with the content delivery capabilities of the publishing, engagement and rewards platform, VersoView.

Currently Project EVE is engaged with delivering MoUs with Universities focused on developing virtual and distance learning spaces and engineering and digital design tools. …

VersoView is pleased to announce a signed MoU with Match & Wood. This Australian independently-owned media agency creates bespoke campaigns across digital, print, tv, radio and outdoor to some of Australia’s most exciting brands.

Named Australian Financial Review’s Fast Starters 2020, and #56 of the fastest-growing companies in Australia, Match & Wood service the brands they represent from their offices in Melbourne and Perth. The modern, agile team has carefully and specifically crafted their agency to deliver results in the new world of communications.

Christopher O’Keefe, Chief Operating Officer at Match & Wood, Board Member at Media Federation of Australia:

VersoView is pleased to announce a signed MoU with Vanquish Fitness, London based apparel brand and online retailer.

Founded in 2015, Vanquish Fitness is focused on delivering high quality apparel while inspiring their brand community to achieve goals with a focus on success, positivity and personal growth. Vanquish Fitness #VQFIT has become one of the fastest growing fitness clothing communities in the world.

Vanquish Fitness CEO, Oliver Maloney, discussing the VersoView platform, “After seeing what VersoView can deliver for our brand we are thrilled to engage VersoView when the platform is completed. Our brand is built around the amazing community…

VersoRewards VIP NFTs

VersoRewards VIP NFTs are an exclusive series of NFTs that are artistically beautiful, scarce and grant valuable utility both on and off the VersoView platform.

The first VIP NFT available to the VersoView community is the VersoView VersoRewards V1 Staking VIP ‘Early Adopter’ NFT. This limited edition NFT will be earned by any wallet address that completes the full maturity period in our phase one and phase two staking pools.

VersoRewards Staking V1 has included references to rewards for these dedicated early adopters since the beginning as referenced in our first announcements about the VIP rounds including Bronze, Silver and…

VersoView, a marketing publication solution with tokenized reward structures, is partnering with Swarm Network, a digital infrastructure network designed to support digital tokenization and the emerging digital securities economy.

Swarm Network is set to release the revolutionary MySwarm application that leverages the SRC20 protocol to seamlessly create, issue, fundraise, distribute and manage digital tokens and securities. Swarm Network recognizes the marketing and content delivery capabilities of VersoView and seeks to leverage these tools to deliver added value to users of the MySwarm app through a robust digital tokenization ecosystem.

VersoView is building a low friction bridge between the traditional business…

The VersoView Foundation is pleased to announced that following our comprehensive business modelling and emissions analysis, as reported to the community in our updated emissions schedule last week, we no longer need the total token supply that was projected at the start of the project, and as such, that surplus supply will be permanently reduced.

Today we will permanently reduce the total supply of VersoView Token to 200,000,000 VVT.

The 1,800,000,000 excess $VVT tokens will be sent to the Ethereum 0x000 lock address and represent a total value of $400,000,000 worth of VersoView Tokens being locked forever.

Why are we…

Vander Ghinste’s background in information technology, together with many years involved with blockchain technologies and community, offers the VersoView team a valuable wealth of experience to deliver results and guide blockchain specific projects in areas of business development, marketing and community building.

From the VersoView website:

“”Robbie is a respected leader in the Information Technology and Blockchain industries. With a broad skill set focused on business development, team building, marketing and community, Robbie spent several years at one of the biggest IT consultancy firms in Belgium where he excelled as a Project Manager. …

The VersoView Token ($VVT) circulating supply is currently 40,000,000 VVT with a total supply of 2,000,000,000 VVT.

At the end of June, our circulating supply is estimated to be 43,800,000 VVT, primarily as a result of the rewards from the Gold staking pool.

Launch to date

Since the VersoView Token Generation Event (TGE) on Dec 2, 2020, the team has maintained a commitment to freeze supply at 40,000,000 for the first six months to allow a stable and healthy market to form without added dilution.

Additionally, as there were no incentivized lockups via private or pre-sale of the VersoView Token, there are no…


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